Cleaning and maintenance

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For regular cleaning of oiled wooden floors In addition to cleaning, it nourishes the wooden floor, thanks to its particular formulation containing a part of oil. With the constant use of Soft Balm, the uniform appearance is maintained, always enhancing the natural beauty of the parquet.


It is suitable for cleaning varnished wooden floors. It can also be used for cleaning surfaces in ceramic, marble, etc. It does not leave streaks, it sanitizes and pleasantly perfumes the environment. For daily use.


High resistance matt wax for the maintenance of varnished wooden floors The film obtained after application is characterized by the following properties: opacity, hardness, toughness, transparency and anti-slip properties.


WAX CARE is a dispersion of water-repellent waxes for the intensive maintenance of varnished (solvent, water), oiled and waxed wooden floors subject to heavy traffic and for the extraordinary maintenance of damaged and / or abraded floors.
WAX CARE is also suitable for the maintenance of terracotta and stone materials placed inside.
WAX CARE gives the surface a pleasant natural and water-repellent effect. Its special formulation renews, maintains, protects and restores particularly damaged floors.

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